Nurturing Musicianship at the Piano

since 2006

I offer piano lessons in Logan, UT.

Private and Group Lessons

Hi! I’m Chelsea. I have been teaching piano since 2006. I’m a board certified music therapist and I studied piano, music therapy, and psychology in college.

I have worked as a private , group, and university piano instructor. I have also worked as a music therapist in a psychiatric unit.

I have run my own piano teaching business since 2006.

Online lessons offer flexibility and opportunity to those who need it, either for safety or distance learning. I teach both group and individual lessons online. Some students receive a hybrid education which includes both online and in person lessons. Personally, I find in person lessons to be the most effective for most people, but have had great success in teaching children from well-disciplined families online.

In the past, I was a licensed Presto teacher. I am sadly no longer teaching the Presto curriculum to focus on private piano lessons. My experience with Let’s Play Music and the Presto curriculum has added to my personal diversity in teaching methods and techniques.

Presto by Let’s Play Music is a dynamic group piano and music education curriculum for beginners age 8-12. You can view the Let’s Play Music website to find a licensed teacher near you.

Students perform at recitals

held in-person and online

Why Study Piano

Pianists have distinctively different brain structure than non pianists. Children who study piano are better at problem solving, learn hard work and persistence, and do better at reading and math. Of course, none of this compares to the joy and culture that a good music education provides.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Cheerful Disposition”

“I love how you evaluate each of the students and then work with them according to the way that they learn best. You are always professional with a cheerful disposition.”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Creative and Flexible”

Chelsea is an amazing piano teacher. Her talent at the piano is just one of her many qualities. She is also patient, encouraging, creative, and flexible. My children love her and their lessons with her. Thank you Chelsea!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

We’ve been taking lessons from Chelsea for almost two years and it has been excellent. Our son is on the autism spectrum and had challenges with other instructors, but Chelsea has patiently worked with him and helped him get strong at piano. Even with the pandemic, she easily moved to Zoom lessons and even had a camera pointed at her keys so our son could see the finger positions.